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 Pewter Tankard 1 Pint
Perfect for a special someone who has a penchant for beer and ale, or for the marking of a specia..
 Pewter Tankard Georgian Thistle 1 Pint
There are few tankards which evoke feelings of beauty, history and Scottish pride better than thi..
Pewter Tankard 1 Pint Celtic Style
In the modern world where everything seems to be becoming more fleeting and disposable, the very ..
Pewter Tankard 1 Pint Thistle
The very best gifts for any occasion are those which have a bit of thought put into them, to make..
Pewter Tankard Elegant 1 Pint
If clean lines and elegance are what appeal most to you, then this outstanding one pint pewter ta..
Pewter Tankard Georgian style 1 Pint
Perfect for a lover of beer, ale or cider, Claymore Engraving Company’s unmatched range of tankar..
Pewter Tankard Goblet Style Half Pint
When it comes to producing the highest quality and most eye catching pewterware there is no one t..
Pewter Tankard Half Pint
The straight body of this outstanding half pint pewter tankard is beautifully complimented by the..
Pewter Tankard Modern Style 1 Pint
Claymore Engraving Company are proud of their long history and tradition within the pewterware in..
Pewter Tankard With C Shaped Handle 1 Pint
Claymore Engraving Company is a world-renowned leading manufacturer of Pewterware. All our pewter..
Pewter Tankard With Satin Band 1 Pint
Our range of tankards is designed to offer something for everyone and if your taste is for minima..
Simple 1 Pint Pewter Tankard
Sometimes trying to be too clever and intricate can be counter-productive, and keeping things sim..
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