High Ball Glasses

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11cm Handmade Firing Glass
The lead crystal Firing glass is an ideal giveaway gift for Masonic 'Ladies Nights' or balls and ..
20cm Conical Vase with Heart Shaped Cutting and featuring 3 Swarovski crystals bonded to the side of the vase
This conical vase has heart shaped detail with 3 Swarovski crystals bonded to the side of the vas..
Blenheim Lead Crystal Panel High Ball
The Blenheim lead crystal panel whisky tumbler is a traditional design with diamond cut detail. I..
Flamenco Crystalite Panel High Ball
The Flamenco crystalite high ball is traditional in style and shape. It has a panel that can be p..
Handmade Bubble Base High Ball
The handmade bubble base high ball is a simple modern style with a solid base and a large engravi..
Mayfair Crystalite Panel High Ball
The Mayfair crystalite high ball perfectly combines a modern stylish tumbler with a traditional d..
Orbital Crystalite High Ball
The Orbital crystalite high ball is a curved modern style with a delicate spiral pattern towards ..
Roma Crystalite High Ball
Simple yet very elegant, the Roma crystal high ball tumbler can be presented as an individual gif..
Verona Crystalite High Ball
The heavy based lead crystal Verona high ball is elegant in design and modern in appearance with ..
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